• Approved by AICTE & Affiliated to Anna University - Chennai

B.E. Electronics & Communication Engineering

"The Electronics and Communication engineering program offered at OASYS Institute of Technology is aimed to provide the students with a firm foundation in both theoretical and practical aspects of engineering and with the aim of bridging the gap between text-book knowledge and its practical application. The students are required to take lab classes on all core subjects in addition to seminars and mini projects."

The curriculum provides the students with a strong footing in the fields of communication, instrumentation and control, embedded systems, industrial and power electronics, microprocessor, VLSI and related subjects. The Department has qualified and experienced faculty. The staff members are deputed to participate in workshops, conferences and refresher courses to keep in pace with the recent development in the field of Electronics & Communication.

The department has good infrastructural facilities and is equipped with full-fledged laboratories. Perfection is one of the most fascinating features of Electronics engineers.



This lab primarily focuses on the design of digital equalizers, encoder and decoders, digital FIR and IIR filters, and quantizers using Matlab and estimate their performance. The knowledge of the students on the latest DSP processors is developed by implementing algorithms in DSP Processors when they prefer the elective subject DSP System Design.

  • Vi Microsystems DSP Kits/TMS320 C50 Trainer Kit.
  • MATLAB 7 with various tool boxes.
  • Cathode Ray Oscilloscope (30MHZ).



The knowledge of the students on the latest technology in very large scale integration is developed by implementing algorithms in VHDL/Verilog. There is a constant need for designing systems with lower power, higher speed and lower area. When they prefer the elective subject VLSI System Design.

Hardware Tools
  • FPGA Trainer Kits
  • Traffic light controller interface kit
  • Real Time clock interface kit.
Software Tools
  • Xilinx 9.1 Versions



The knowledge of the students on Analog and Digital communication is developed by implementing types of modulation, Pulsing techniques & Encoding and Decoding techniques.

Communication laboratory focuses on training the students in both analog and digital transmission/reception of signal. A mini AM transmitter is constructed by them in the MW frequency of electromagnetic spectrum and they do a live transmission with minimum power output. The signals are then received in a pocket AM radio.

In the area of pulse techniques, students learn PAM and PWM experiments. In addition the lab consists of the analog signal sampling kit, TDM trainer. The students here start in the analog area by constructing the circuits of amplitude modulation, frequency modulation and phase modulation.

  • Various Antenna Trainer Kits
  • Analog & Digital Communication Trainer Kits.
  • Function generator (1MHZ range).
  • Cathode Ray Oscilloscope (30MHZ).



The laboratories focus on software-oriented research and development for the future internet. New communication architectures and protocols supporting multimedia and mobility over the Internet, together with intelligent internet services, security, privacy for data transfer in wired & wireless.

  • LAN trainer kits.
  • Routing simulator software.
  • Wireless LAN trainer Kits.
  • Acer PC's I318.5''monitors.